The things I don’t regret.

i regret wasting time

i regret cherry red hair dye

i regret words harshly spoken


but i don’t regret you Thane


i regret bangs (everytime)

i regret second helpings

i regret not being ‘present’ in the moment


but i don’t regret you Thane


i regret my guilt

i regret my doubt

i regret my fear and tears and sleepless nights

i regret how those first few moments of your life were spent

i regret wishing ‘they’ were all wrong

i regret holding my breath for even a second


but i don’t regret giving you a chance

giving you life

giving you me


i regret so much, the list is long..

but i’m thankful down so deep it scratches the core of who i am

that God choose you for me and me for you and knew, He always knew


that i would regret nothing after you sank into my arms

not one long hour

not one painful moment

not one endless drive

not one fight to be heard

not one task

not one need

not one .


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